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Turn your Notion docs into SEO-optimized blogs. Fast.

Write all your content in Notion and Stomod turns it into a fast, SEO-optimized blog. No coding, or design skills needed.

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Notion to Blog

Write in Notion, Stay in Notion - No More Moving Content Around!

Stomod makes this possible by automatically updating your blog with what you do in Notion. This way, you can just focus on writing great content in one place.

Here is how it works

Duplicate our Notion template

Duplicate our free Notion template to your own Notion workspace.

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Make your duplicated template public

Next, make your root Notion template page public and paste the URL into Stomod.

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Customize and publish

Add custom colors, logo, favicon and preview your blog. Then share it with the world.

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A Complete Blogging Platform

Use Stomod for hassle-free blogging; it's a simple platform that efficiently converts Notion into a fast, SEO-optimized blog with just a few clicks - offering a simple, powerful solution that needs minimal attention after setup.

Custom Meta Tags
Site Language Meta Tag
RSS Feed
Crawler Hints
Free Subdomain
Custom Domain Support
Blog on /blog subfolder
Free SSL Certificate
DDoS Protection
Brotli Compression
HTTP/2 HTTP/3 Support
Full Text Search
Custom Code/CSS
Full Notion Blocks Support
Posts/Pages/Tags/Authors Support
Menu Editor
Automatic Sync
Automatic Image Optimizations

Use Cases

Stomod is a great fit for a variety of use cases. Here are some of the most popular ones.


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About the Founder

Hirvesh Munogee, Founder Stomod
Hello I'm Hirvesh 👋

I created Stomod because I wanted to simplify blogging. Many people enjoy using Notion's powerful block editor to organize their ideas and write content. But, turning these ideas into a blog can be tough.

That's why I created Stomod. It links Notion to your blog, so when you write using Notion's great tools, Stomod automatically turns it into a blog post.

This way, you can just focus on creating great content in Notion, and let Stomod handle the rest, making blogging easy and tech-free.

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