Create a blog

Creating a Blog

To create a blog from your dashboard, click on the “Create New Blog” and you will be requested to enter your blog details:
  • Blog Name
  • Blog subdomain for a <yousubdomain> address. This can be updated to instead use a custom domain later.
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Blog Details

Enter your blog details as shown below. Subdomain availability will be checked and you will be prompted to provide another subdomain if the one provided is already taken. The subdomain can only contain characters, numbers or dashes. Once you are satisfied with your blog name and subdomain, click on “Let’s go” to create your blog.
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Blog Dashboard

Once your blog has been create, you will receive a success message and you will be redirected to your blog dashboard. From your blog dashboard will be available some quick actions which you can take to finalise your blog setup.
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That’s is! Your blog should be browsable from <yoursubdomain> and you can do so by clicking on the “View Site” link in the header to view your site!
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Got any questions? Use the live chat or email us at [email protected]!
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